Main Reasons To Visit Bilbao Spain

 This place has numerous treasures yet to be discovered by tourists.

1. A city in constant change

It seems the city has taken a consecrated promise to constantly improve. It is motivating to perceive how no effort is saved to improve the excellence of the city. Some of the best cartoonists in the world have been hired to share urban change. In fact, even the small neighborhood areas where pairs of travelers arrive at some point are being improved and embellished.

2. The Guggenheim Museum

This advanced museum’s workmanship is truly dazzling. It is the best known point of interest in Bilbao and is located in the center of the city, just along the riverbank. The main thing that impacts you is simply the building. It resembles a big glass, secured with shiny titanium. Once inside there is more than 10,000 m2 of current crafts to appreciate.

3. Magnificent cultural life

If you are a cultural darling, you will be ruined by decision. The recently inaugurated “Euskalduna Congress and Music Center” and the very old “Arriaga Theater” have plenty of movement, theater and musical entertainment projects.

4. Loose atmosphere

The most prominent Bilbao houses around 1 million occupants. Under equal conditions, in any case, you can appreciate a feeling of loose weather. On decent nights, after work, people hang out with a glass of wine or an espresso in the neighborhood plaza. Young people are playing jumping rope or “finding the stowaway” in the meantime.

6. The old city

I love the old and authentic Bilbao approach. In recent years, this territory has been beautifully restored, protecting the old attraction of extremely ancient structures. Here you can appreciate restaurants, tapas bars and incredible shops. This part of the city also offers a dynamic bar life around the night.

7. Become familiar with another culture

Bilbao is located in the Basque Country. The place takes full advantage of its own culture and dialect, a novel of what remains of Spain. The Basque dialect is old and nobody really knows their ideas. It is everything that anyone knows very hard to learn. You will find that all traffic signs are composed in Basque and Spanish.

6. The beaches

If you crave a beautiful and impeccable coastline with blue water, this is the place to come. The beaches of the Basque nation are not yet familiar with the huge masses of tourists. Here you can appreciate nature, sand and the ocean without feeling like a full sardine. Sopelana and Plentzia are two beautiful beaches that are near Bilbao. You can definitely get there by metro from the city.